For Sale By Owner

We know that it can be difficult determining who owns the Oil, Gas and Mineral rights to a property. Whether you are the owner of a property who has been approached about leasing or selling your mineral rights, a buyer wanting to make sure you receive all the interests in the property you are buying or an Attorney or Real Estate Professional making sure your clients have the best possible information before making an important decision, we can help. Be sure to consult our experts to help you complete all your real estate transactions.

We have a comprehensive FREE For Sale By Owner kit that will take you step by step with selling your home. The forms are available right on this website under the FOR SALE BY OWNER tab. Please see that section for more detail.

Investment Property

Judicial Reports


Oil & Gas / Mineral Searches

Our Commercial Services Department is an industry leader in securing transactions. We offer unparalleled Escrow & Title Services, Property Research, and Builder Services.


We know that as you grow your real estate profile, you'll need help for Investment Properties and more. Be sure to consult our experts to help you complete all your real estate transactions.

Full Service Title Company

Buying or selling a home or business is a monumental endeavor. As a full service title company Western Reserve Title & Escrow, Inc. is equipped to provide  real estate settlement services and we will provide the professional and courteous service you deserve during this complex transaction.We are like all title insurance companies in that we provide full service from the beginning of your transaction until completion.  We provide owner s title insurance for buyers to insure that their home title insurance covers them against any loss or claim from previous owners. Timely preparation of title documents.  Competitive pricing. All you need to do is sign on the dotted line.


Our experienced Residential Services team offers superior Escrow and Closing services, whether the transaction involves a single-family home, condo, refinance, or construction loan.

Whether you are an Attorney, Lender or Investor you can't move forward with a foreclosure without a Preliminary Judicial Report and the foreclosure can't be closed without a Final Judicial Report. Contact us today to find out how we can provide our services to aid in your Judicial Proceedings.